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Here’s What Makes Dr. Rashti the Premier Beverly Hills Dentist

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Here’s What Makes Dr. Rashti the Premier Beverly Hills Dentist

Healthy teeth make a beautiful smile. You deserve to have the best smile possible, and it begins with healthy teeth. Dr. Rashti, Beverly Hills dentist, makes it her priority to maintain the health of not only your teeth but also your gums. Her highly trained and knowledgeable team works with you to properly care for the overall health of your smile.

A Bright Smile Begins with White Teeth

Discolored teeth make you self-conscious about smiling. Dr. Rashti specializes in helping her patients suffering from dark, stained teeth a renewed smile. Within an hour, you can improve the whiteness of your teeth and regain your confidence.

Stains on your teeth or a discolored appearance can be caused by extrinsic factors such as eating chocolate, smoking, drinking coffee or other habits you may have formed. As a premier Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Rashti understands how these stains can affect your social encounters. She will work with you to remove these stains from your teeth through an in-office visit or a take-home treatment. Other options for you may include porcelain veneers or dental crowns.

Complete Makeover for a Brighter Smile

Dr. Rashti, a premier Beverly Hills Dentist, wants to make your smile the brightest it can be with functioning healthy teeth. Through her cosmetic dental treatments, she will implement corrective elements to repair, re-position and restore the quality of your teeth.

Dr. Rashti is a healthcare professional who understands the health of your mouth and the importance of healthy teeth. She personally supervises your treatments and keeps you informed of your progress and how to maintain your improvements.

Restore Tooth Function and Appearance with Dental Implants

If you have lost or broken a tooth, you are facing long-term problems with the function of your mouth. Dr. Rashti makes it possible for you to recover and replace those teeth. As a specialist in the field, Dr. Rashti uses effective, safe solutions (i.e. dental implants) to restore your appearance and the function of your mouth.

Dr. Rashti will sit down with you and discuss all options to restore your damaged teeth. Her team uses technologically advanced procedures for dental implants and will design a personalized treatment to fit your specific needs. A dental implant will replace teeth you have lost or can strengthen any restorations you’ve had performed such as bridges. Your needs will be evaluated and all options discussed before Dr. Rashti begins your treatment.

Restore Your Smile with Porcelain Crowns

As you can already tell, Dr. Rashti truly is one of the top dentists in Beverly Hills, and as a healthcare professional works to improve the health of your teeth and gums. She understands how important it is for you to have teeth that look great so you can smile with confidence. Through her porcelain crown treatments, she attaches the crown to dental implant abutments, so you regain a natural looking tooth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Provides Extraordinary Benefits

If you have been suffering from crooked teeth, numerous chipped and cracked teeth, TMD, or completely unsatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, Dr. Rashti has solutions for you. She is an experienced doctor who has treated hundreds of patients with full mouth reconstruction. The process involves two visits to her office and results in a brand new, beautiful smile.

Dr. Rashti evaluates the condition of your teeth and mouth to determine which treatment will provide you with the best results. She works with you to create a suitable smile determined by the shape and size of your mouth. Custom porcelain crowns are then designed to fit securely and comfortably to your natural teeth for a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

Never again will you have to hide your smile behind your hand, or try to smile with a closed mouth. Dr. Rashti can restore your teeth and ensure the overall health of your mouth. You deserve the brightest smile possible, and Dr. Rashti is the Beverly Hills dentist who can make that happen.


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