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What to Expect During Your Visit with a Top Beverly Hills Dentist

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What to Expect During Your Visit with a Top Beverly Hills Dentist

Your teeth and smile are significant. To have a beautiful smile, your teeth and mouth have to be healthy. Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, a Beverly Hills dentist, works closely with you and will provide high-quality results to ensure you a beautiful smile.

You will get the service you deserve from Dr. Rashti as well as from her caring professional staff. She has numerous services available, such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental implants, gum recession treatment, anti-aging dentistry, and many others. Schedule an appointment if you need dental work and sit down with Dr. Rashti to find the best treatment for your condition.

Renowned Periodontist and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Rashti is a renowned Periodontist and cosmetic, reconstructive surgeon. If you have found you need dental implants, she is the dentist to consult. Patients from across the globe seek the dental expertise of Dr. Rashti and her technologically advanced procedures for dental implants.

As one of the top Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Rashti understands the importance of technology and how it improves what we do every day. She continues to upgrade to the newest and improved advancements, so she is able to provide the best care possible for her patients. When you visit with Dr. Rashti, she will thoroughly explain how to restore your smile and which advancements are going to benefit you the most.

A Highly Trained and Knowledgeable Team

At the Beverly Hills office of Dr. Rashti, you will find a dentist highly qualified and trained in the field of dentistry. She completed a five-year residency at a VA hospital after earning her DDS degree, as well as spent two years practicing hospital dentistry in West Los Angeles. She opened her Beverly Hills office which has now operated successfully for nearly two decades.

Working beside Dr. Rashti is her highly trained and knowledgeable team. The team works with you beside the doctor to gently clean your teeth using the latest equipment. Dr. Rashti wants all procedures to go as smoothly for her patients as possible, and her team is as caring and careful as the dentist. Everyone in this office is focused on your comfort, speedy treatments, and beautiful results.

Dental Care Education

When you visit a Beverly Hills dentist, you can expect the best care of your teeth and mouth possible, along with dental care education. Dr. Rashti understands that restoring your smile to its best is her responsibility and she wants you to know how to keep it beautiful.

Her team is trained in educating patients on the importance of dental health. Dental hygienists will speak with you about the value your teeth will gain from proper brushing and flossing. Dr. Rashti and her team’s focus is to help you achieve and the maintain the long-lasting, beautiful smile you deserve.

World-Class Cosmetic Beverly Hills Dentist

Dr. Rashti is a world-class cosmetic dentist. Visiting her office, you can expect the best care if you are seeking preventative care, restorative care, periodontology, or cosmetic dentistry. You will be welcomed and can expect to get the best advice and top quality care from a dental specialist.

During your first visit, Dr. Rashti and her team will take the opportunity to learn more about you, your life, and your habits. Becoming more familiar with you and your needs will help them find the best treatment for you and help you maintain the benefits of any treatment performed.

When you visit the office of Dr. Rashti, a Beverly Hills dentist, you can expect the best possible care for your mouth and teeth. The dentist and her team will provide top-quality care of your dental health and restore your beautiful smile.

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