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Tooth Extraction

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An extraction involves removing the tooth. There are various reasons why a tooth requires extraction. This includes gum infection, bone infection, and severe decay. Another common reason for tooth extractions is to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed.

At a specific age, the wisdom teeth begin to erupt. This can result in pain and be a difficult issue to manage. It is typical for patients to be affected by pain as a wisdom tooth grows. When this pain is experienced, extracting the tooth becomes necessary to reduce additional pressure and prevent infections.

Tooth extraction complications may develop when an impacted tooth emerges. Under these conditions, there is less space available in the bone structure in your mouth. This type of complication can cause infection and crowding of the teeth, leading to a slightly crooked shape. When the tooth becomes painful and irritating, a tooth extraction is recommended immediately.

Any pain experienced during the treatment is temporary and can be treated with the right quality of care. You can schedule an appointment regarding tooth extraction at our Beverly Hills office by calling us today.