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3 Big Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

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3 Big Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth due to injury or decay, your dentist has most likely recommended you have a dental implant. Implants have become a popular option for those who want a natural smile without the hassle of maintaining dentures or bridges. Every year more and more patients are choosing to have dental implants in the United States as they are a more practical and natural solution for replacing lost teeth.

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, is a 5-star top rated, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist with advanced education and experience in periodontics and dental implants. She understands the importance preserving bone loss and preventing jaw dislocation from missing teeth. She will work with you to find the best solution for improving your health and returning your smile.

A dental implant is constructed from titanium as this is the best bonding material with your jaw bone and the closest alternative to a lost tooth. These are three of the biggest reasons you should have a dental implant if you are missing any teeth.

Prevent Teeth from Shifting

When you lose a tooth and create a gap in your mouth, your other teeth will shift towards this empty space. When this movement occurs, you will find many additional dental issues developing in your mouth. Crowded or uneven teeth are harder to keep clean and create areas for decay to set in. With an implant, your teeth remain appropriately spaced and maintaining healthy brushing and flossing can continue.

Preserve Appearance and Comfort

If you do not replace a missing tooth, it will cause your jawbone to deteriorate making your face take on a shrunken appearance. This shrinkage can cause you to look older than your years and why those who wear dentures complain about thin lips and sunken cheeks. Dental implants prevent this as they stimulate your jawbone to continue producing dense, healthy material, keeping your face full and younger looking.

Dentures not only cause thin lips and sunken cheeks, they also are often uncomfortable. Many patients complain about poor fits, sores in their mouth, shifting when laughing or eating and many other awkward experiences. With dentures, there is no stimulation of your jawbone to maintain its shape as there is with dental implants.

Preserve Facial Features and Chewing Abilities

A dental implant will be anchored to your jaw, so there is no shifting or moving while eating, talking, or laughing. You will continue to speak normally and experience better chewing abilities than with dentures.

An implant does not require cutting down the teeth next to the missing tooth area, so your natural tooth tissue is preserved. With the placement of an implant, you restore your jawbone and remove the load the other teeth have been subjected to since the loss occurred. This restoration improves your facial features and allows you to smile with confidence again.

There is a high success rate with dental implants as compared to other teeth replacement options. Technology and techniques have improved drastically over the past few years making this a more practical and healthy choice.

Safe and Effective Solution

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is ready to help you restore your tooth function and appearance. Patients around the world have come to her office seeking technologically advanced dental implant procedures. She is a highly regarded dentist who will provide you with a safe and effective solution to your dental needs.

Schedule an appointment, and Dr. Rashti will sit down with you to review your teeth and medical history. She will work with you to find the best treatment plan possible to restore your teeth, health, and smile. Please click the button below or call (310) 623-3330. We look forward to seeing you.


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