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Why Am I Experiencing Jaw Pain By Ear

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Why Am I Experiencing Jaw Pain By Ear

Why Am I Experiencing Jaw Pain By Ear

Experiencing jaw pain by ear and facial pain is a common occurrence affecting millions worldwide. Diagnosing and treating causes of these pains pose many challenges with healthcare professionals. There are different potential causes of the jaw and facial pains, so the healthcare professional has to be able to determine the exact reason to provide the correct treatment.

What Can Cause Jaw Pain by Ear?

The most common cause for you to be experiencing pain by your ear is a condition called, temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. The reasons you’ve developed this condition can be related to a number of factors. Some develop the disorder due to their genetics, a jaw injury or arthritis.

There is one joint on each side of your jaw, and the pain occurs in those joints and the muscles controlling your jaw movements. Many times the discomfort and pain created by the TMJ disorder is temporary and can be relieved with self-managed care or treatments without surgery.

You may be experiencing a number of symptoms besides the pain you’re feeling by the ear. You may also think you’re suffering from an earache, or find headaches have become more common. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, contact a dental specialist who has the experience to correctly diagnosis the cause of your pain.

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, is a world-class dentist who has earned her DDS degree from the College of Dentistry at the New York University. She also went on to practice dentistry at a hospital in West Los Angeles where she completed her general practice residency. She is a specialist in the mouth, teeth, and the jaw areas and is able to help if you are experiencing jaw pain by ear.

How is TMJ Treated?

Diagnosing TMJ with the use of special imaging studies of your joints and consulting with other dental or medical specialists is often required of this difficult to identify disorder. Once the diagnosis is confirmed; treatment can be discussed.

There are different treatments used with TMJ ranging from complicated surgery to conservative dental care. What your tests show confirming you have TMJ will determine the extent of damage and the necessary treatment to relieve your pain.

Dr. Rashti will review all test results with you and discuss all your options for treatment. Depending on your findings, you may only have to use steroid-free, anti-inflammatory drugs over a short period to relax your muscles and relieve the pain. Other remedies to implement might be the use of a plate to insert into your mouth for controlling your bite pattern or splint therapy. Some patients have benefited by seeking stress management counseling.

If non-surgical treatments are not working, you can visit with Dr. Rashti to discover other procedures. It may be you’ve suffered joint damage which only surgery can fix. The type of surgery required to repair your joint could be the same as used to inspect and treat larger joints, or it may need a direct surgical approach.

Dr. Rashti is a top rated Beverly Hills dentist with the experience and knowledge to help you learn why you’re experiencing jaw pain by ear. After meeting with you, and performing an exam to discover the reasons behind your pain, she will discuss all findings. You will experience quality patient care from a unique, personal and empathetic dentist.

Dr. Rashti welcomes and works closely with all her patients. Her goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the highest quality care. When you visit her office to determine why you are experiencing jaw pain by ear,  you are guaranteed world-class care from a dental specialist.

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