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Is Laser Dentistry Painful

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Is Laser Dentistry Painful

Is Laser Dentistry Painful?

Many of you can remember being told not to put sharp metal objects into your mouth, you will damage your teeth, ruin your gums, or other serious injuries could happen. Then you visit the dentist, and the first thing they do is stick sharp metal objects into your mouth. These tools are often what scare people when they think about making dental appointments.

Fortunately, there is a procedure now available to dentists that take those scary metal instruments out of the process. Laser dentistry is an effective, fast method which uses light and heat to perform many different dental procedures. The idea of lasers scares some who think it may be painful, but laser dentistry is a pain-free process.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Laser dentistry is performed by using an intense beam of light energy to do precise dental work. Dentists can control these instruments easily to vaporize and painlessly remove tissue on contact. They can eliminate tooth decay and the soft tissue from your gums.

The high-energy light beam cauterizes as it goes along so blood loss is minimized and your recovery time is reduced. This procedure also reduces or eliminates your need to use pain medications after you are finished. Using this form of dentistry prevents bacterial infections as it sterilizes the area and reduces damage to tissues surrounding the tooth where work is being performed.

Will Laser Dentistry Hurt?

Laser dentistry is a much more mouth-friendly method of having work done on your teeth. There are no more scary scalpels coming towards you, and it is a much less invasive procedure than traditional dentistry. You will also have less need for anesthesia as not only are the scalpels gone, so are the drills.

Your dentist will perform the work with pinpoint accuracy, so there is less risk to the surrounding tissues, and no stitches will be required. This form of dentistry takes away the painful experience you associate with getting your teeth repaired and eliminates the painful recovery times often occurring after traditional dental work.

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is a five-star dentist in Beverly Hills. Her performance and use of advanced technology have gained her worldwide recognition. The success of her Periodontal Dental Office is contributed to her personal and unique empathetic approach with her patients. She and her staff will welcome you to their office and work closely with you to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Dr. Rashti offers you several different laser procedures with the EPIC laser products along with WaterLase. WaterLase uses a combination of water, laser energy, and air to cut through the tooth. The laser continuously sprays water, so your tooth remains hydrated which prevents heat and gives you a pain-free experience.

At Dr. Rashti’s Periodontal Dental Office you will meet a dentist who understands patients schedules and concerns. She will complete all of your dental work at one time with most procedures, so you don’t have to continue to adjust your home or work routine. She will sit with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding treatments and provide you the best dental options possible.

You can regain full function of your mouth and a beautiful smile when you visit this next generation of dentistry with Dr. Mahnaz Rashti.

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