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How to know if YOU are affected...

Every second adult 40+ in the U.S. suffers from some level of gum disease- in most cases unknowingly. Granted that gum disease can be life-threatening, it is not only crucial to your looks and dental health to find out if you are part of the 80%.

Dr. Rashti is a national expert in treating gum disease in all stages.

According to an 18-year medical study, people with gum disease were twice as likely to die from a heart attack and three times more likely to die from a stroke. Don't wait until it's too late- you might first lose your teeth, and then your life. 

If you have diabetes and bleeding gums, your chances of dying can increase up to 400 to 700 %  But the good news is- gum disease is treatable! And as with most diseases, the sooner it is discovered, the sooner it can be contained. 

Missing teeth are not only a look issue. They can lead to insufficient chewing, resulting in digestion problems and have a bad domino effect on your overall health and fitness. Thus obtaining a dental implant is not only a cosmetic matter. 

Regular flossing and dental deep cleanings can add up to six-and-a-half years to your life. 

Gum disease is strongly linked to pancreatic cancer, according to a Harvard study on 63,000 male health care professionals, where a 62 percent increase in pancreatic cancer was shown in those who had periodontal disease. You cannot take care of your overall health while ignoring the condition of your gums. 

Studies have linked periodontal disease to not only conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and pregnancy complications but also to pneumonia, Alzheimer’s disease, wrinkly skin and erectile dysfunction. 

A proper deep cleaning and gum disease treatment has to be done by a specialized Periodontist – not just a General Dentist. Contact Dr. Rashti – LA's top expert in the field of gum disease. Call 310.623.3330 or click here to schedule a free consultation to find our if you are affected by gum disease. 

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