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A Quick Walkthrough of Full Mouth Dental Restoration

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A Quick Walkthrough of Full Mouth Dental Restoration

A full mouth dental restoration is a combination of aesthetics and the science of restorative dentistry. The restoration will improve the function of your mouth and the beauty of your teeth. Any time a dentist has to work on all or a majority of the teeth in your mouth; it is considered a full mouth dental restoration.

Patients who find they are in need of a full restoration have varied reasons for needing this treatment. Some of the reasons that result in restoration are; fractures or tooth loss from trauma, multiple teeth with decay resulting from poor dental hygiene, long-term exposure to acid causing multiple tooth loss, damage or wear to numerous teeth, or several other habits or accidental reasons.

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is a Beverly Hills Periodontist and a healthcare professional. She specializes in full mouth restorations and is ready to evaluate your situation. Dr. Rashti will sit down with you and discuss the condition of your teeth and overall health to determine the best treatment for you.

There are many factors considered before a full restoration is prescribed. This is a walkthrough of the process to help you better understand what is involved if you have been recommended for this treatment.

The Condition of Your Mouth

The most important factor before a full mouth dental restoration the condition of your gums, jaw, teeth and over-all mouth. The dentist will evaluate the damage, decay, or wear present to determine if you need periodontal, orthodontic, endodontic, or cosmetic treatments.

The examination includes digital x-rays along with impressions of both upper and lower teeth remaining in your mouth. A model of your bite will be made, and the perfect shape and size of your smile will be determined so are assured of the best cosmetic results.

The Process

A full mouth dental restoration will involve two dental office visits. During the first, your teeth are evaluated and prepared for the process with the taking of molds. Temporary crowns are created for you to wear until the next visit.

On your second visit, the restoration is finalized. Custom porcelain crowns are created and securely fitted to your natural teeth. These crowns are bonded to provide you a long-lasting restored set of teeth. With the restoration of your damaged or missing teeth, you will regain the correct shape of your jaw and the return of your smile.

Dr. Rashti looks forward to meeting with you and evaluating the condition of your teeth and overall health. She personally addresses any concerns you may have regarding treatments and will thoroughly explain all procedures before they begin.

Dr. Rashti has earned a DDS degree from the College of Dentistry and spent an additional two years practicing hospital dentistry. Her interest in periodontics led her to pursue a three-year post-graduate study in the field of periodontics and dental implants. She is highly qualified to perform your full mouth dental restoration.

At the office of Beverly Hills periodontist, Dr. Rashti makes your health a top priority. The doctor and her team will work together to restore your teeth and smile and help you maintain healthy gums. Dental health is important, and you will receive information on how to care for your new smile by providing the best personal care for your teeth.

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