Mahnaz Rashti, DDS

Cosmetic & Periodontal Dentistry 

Dental bonding is a popular procedure that enhances the aesthetic features of your smile. With bonding, you can correct tooth gaps or cracks. The procedure can even be used as a filling after cavities have been removed, or to reduce the appearance of stains and discoloration.

A composite resin will be used to treat the affected tooth or teeth. It is shaped and applied over an adhesive gel placed on the tooth. The resin will be hardened using ultraviolet light. After the resin has been hardened, it will be polished to create an anesthetically improved appearance for a restored, new smile.

Bonding provides a visible improvement over unpleasant looking silver amalgam fillings. The advancements made in dental technology allows bonding to last for more than 10 years. It is the safe, accommodating, and cosmetically valuable solution for various dental problems.

Dental Bonding

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