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What to Expect After a Complete Dental Makeover

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What to Expect After a Complete Dental Makeover

What to Expect After a Complete Dental Makeover

Dentists can perform a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures that will enhance and rebuild your smile. From a complete dental makeover, you can regain full function of your mouth and restore your confidence with the newly created beautiful smile.

Losing your teeth can result from a number of issues. Gum disease is a big factor in tooth loss as are accidents and tooth decay. If you have lost a number of teeth, you may want to consider a complete dental makeover. Some patients have decided to undergo complete dental makeovers to achieve a prettier smile or to improve their mouth and teeth.

Who can Perform a Complete Dental Makeover?

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, a five-star dentist in Beverly Hills, is a healthcare professional with the expert skills to perform complete dental makeovers. She has provided patients with crooked, discolored, collapsed, cracked, and chipped teeth cosmetic dental treatments, so they are able to regain positive and more appealing smiles.dental implants before and after

Patients from across the globe have sought Dr. Rashti’s expert skills to help them improve their teeth and mouth. As a professional healthcare provider, she understands the importance of having a smile that you can use with confidence. Your smile is important, and it tells others a lot about you. Dr. Rashti will help you find the perfect smile based on your facial structure.

What is a Complete Dental Makeover?

There are a variety of procedures that can be included in your dental makeover. You may need porcelain veneers to fix or repair cracks, chips or stains in your teeth. The veneers will be placed on any tooth with imperfection and will match your natural teeth. There are also dental implants that can be used to replace any teeth you are missing. Dental implants are also matched to the natural teeth remaining in your mouth, so you have a naturally balanced smile.

Other options for a dental makeover include discreetly straightening your teeth that have become crooked or out of line. Whitening your teeth is another option to remove discoloration from age, tobacco use or any of life activities that cause our teeth to lose their natural color. You may also want to choose gum reshaping to remove any excess gum tissue that is overhanging onto your teeth.

Dr. Rashti will discuss these options with you so you can find the best treatment plan possible to achieve your desired outcome. She will review your medical history and discuss with you which of these options will be your best choice. Dr. Rashti welcomes all patients, and it is her goal that her high-quality dental work exceeds your expectations.

At the Beverly Hills office of Dr. Rashti, your health is the first priority. She has a highly trained dental team working beside her and uses the latest technology in dental equipment to provide you the best care in the industry. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and she wants you to know and understand the importance of a healthy mouth.

If you are seeking a complete dental makeover, contact Dr. Rashti to ensure you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

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