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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist

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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist

5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Dental Implant Specialist

Any dentist who has obtained a dental degree is authorized to place a dental implant legally. A dentist who goes on to become a periodontal specialist completes an additional two or three years of residency training beyond their dental education. This difference is what sets a general practicing dentist apart from a dental implant specialist.

As a dentist in residency training, a dentist is trained in surgical skills and procedures. They also receive knowledge supporting these skills through research and at the end of their residency receive a diploma for the periodontal specialist skills they’ve learned.

If you are unsure where to have a dental implant performed; there are certain requirements you should check for when looking for a dentist. These are five things for you to look for when choosing a dental implant specialist.

Ask How Long They Have Been Performing Dental Implants

In the last few years there have been a lot of improvements with dental implants. Technology has made them much easier to place so more dentists are now beginning to place implants without having the extensive training or clinical experience a dental implant specialist will attain.

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti completed a five-year residency at the VA Hospital before opening her Periodontal Dental Office in Beverly Hills. She earned a DDS degree from the College of Dentistry in the New York University. After receiving her DDS degree, she spent two years practicing hospital dentistry in West Los Angeles Veteran Administration Hospital.

You want to choose a dentist who has studied and has trained experience with dental implants when you are deciding which dentist will perform your procedure.

Is the Dentist a Board Certified Specialist?

A periodontal specialist can become a Board Certified Periodontist by completing a three-year process involving multiple tiers of very tough examinations. These exams are required to ensure they can meet the highest standards.

Dr. Rashti had a strong interest in periodontics during her dental education and went on to complete a three-year postgraduate study in the field of dental implants and periodontics.

Ask How Much Experience the Dentist Has With Dental Implants

A dental implant specialist will have extensive experience with performing implants. Ask if they have completed only routine procedures or have experience with more complex implants. You want a dentist who is prepared to meet all situations that may arise during the process.

Dr. Rashti sees patients from across the globe using advanced technologically advanced dental implant procedures. She has successfully run her periodontal dental office for more than two decades.

Will You Receive a Comprehensive Examination?

A dentist who only looks at the teeth you are missing and is not concerned with the long-term health and success of your procedure is not a dental implant specialist. A specialist will also be concerned with the impact of your overall aesthetics. A dental implant specialist also wants to ensure you have complete function of your entire mouth. Receiving a comprehensive examination before diagnosis and treatment is essential to overall success.

Dr. Rashti will meet with you on your first visit to learn more about you. She will perform a thorough neck and head exam and also look at your mouth, gums, and teeth. After your comprehensive examination, Dr. Rashti will discuss her findings with you and discuss your treatment options.

Can You See Proof of Continued Education Courses?

Dr. Rashti is the recipient of numerous awards. She has taught as a clinical instructor at UCLA Department of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine. If you have questions regarding her training and continuing education courses, she will be more than happy to discuss them with you during the initial consultation.

Receiving personalized care as Dr. Rashti’s patient is what sets her practice apart from others. You will receive expert care from a dental implant specialist with a caring clinical staff.

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