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4 Questions to Ask an Oral Surgeon Before Deciding

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4 Questions to Ask an Oral Surgeon Before Deciding

4 Questions to Ask an Oral Surgeon Before Deciding

If you are looking at having oral surgery performed, you should conduct some research. It is not a complicated procedure, but you will want to make sure you’ve chosen the right oral surgeon. These are four questions to ask before you decide to move forward with the process.

Will the Procedure Take Long?

The oral surgeon you’ve chosen should be able to give an approximate time frame of how long it will take to complete your surgery. Many times a patient is not feeling up to driving after the process so you will need to know when you’ll be ready to leave. While they may not provide you with an exact time, having a close time will make it easier for you to make arrangements.

What are the Risks or Possible Complications with Procedure?

Anytime the word surgery is associated with a procedure there is an inevitable amount of stress experienced. You want to know if there are any risks or possible complications that might be encountered. Knowing the answer to this will hopefully ease your anxiety. Oral surgeons are highly trained and expertly qualified to perform surgery. Ask your surgeon what the risks are and how they can be prevented or handled to help ease your mind as you wait for your appointment.symptoms of tmj

Ask about the Details of the Procedure

Knowing what the procedure will entail should also help ease your anxiety. Along with knowing what process you are facing, ask what the outcome will be after completion. The oral surgeon you’ve chosen should make you feel comfortable enough to answer your questions. You want a surgeon who will take the time to help you feel comfortable. If you think your questions are not welcome, you may want to look into another choice for a surgeon.

Your first visit to Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, a five-star Beverly Hills Dentist, you will have the opportunity to discuss all your needs. It is Dr. Rashti’s policy to get to know her patients and understand their concerns. She will take the time to fully explain the situation requiring surgery as well as her expected outcome for a healthier mouth for you. At each visit to her office, she will take the time to fully inform you of upcoming appointments or results of any procedures.

How Long will the Healing Process Take?

Almost all forms of surgery require a change in routine to allow healing. Oral surgery can require a change in diet, medications you are taking, and other activities. Ask your oral surgeon ahead of time so you can prepare for the healing process. You may want to have special foods on hand or may need to take time off from work. Make sure there are no physical restrictions, or if there are, what they include and how long you will need to adjust your normal activities.

Dr. Rashti and her experienced, caring team will be there for you before and after surgery. She will work closely with you to ensure you understand the procedure and know what to expect after the work is completed.

After Dr. Rashti completed her five-year residency at a VA hospital, she opened her own Periodontal Dental Office in Beverly Hills. Her business has continued to succeed due to her high-quality medical work and her unique, empathetic and personal approach with her patients. She is a highly qualified oral surgeon who can answer all your questions and provide you with the best dental services possible.


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